The Maniar Group's repertoire consists of a large range of equipments, which have long been considered the benchmark for providing environment friendly solutions to most of our day to day problems. An important contribution of these equipments has been the way in which they have taken over their human counterparts in performing various tasks. They have helped in restoring human dignity and values to both, the people who benefit from them and the people who work with them.
Solid Waste Handling
Primary Collection
Auto dumpar placer (Auto Lifter)
Auto hydraulic hopper (Auto Remover)
Barrow (Cart)
Secondary Collection
Container Carrier
Dumper Placer
Liquid Waste Handling
Combine Machine (High Pressure Jetting cum Suction Machine)
D'silting Machine
Gully Emptier (vacuum Operated Suction Machine With Blow Back System)
Nalah Cleaning Machine(Open Ditch/Drain Cleaner)
Multijet Machine (Three Wheeler Mounted)
Trailer Mounted Muljet
Vaccum Emptier (Suction Machine)
Road Sweeper
Construction Equipment
Fire-Fighting Equipments
Hydraulic Access Platforms
Hydraulic Access Platforms
Mobile Toilet Van
Auto Lifter
Barrow / Cart
Container Carrier
Container Lifting
Dumper Placer
D'Silt Cleaning Machine
Vacuum Operated Suction Machine
Ditch Cleaner
High Pressure Sewer Jetting Machine
Trailer Mounted Sewer Jetting Machine
Gully Emptier
Road Sweepers
Front End Loader
Backhoe Loader
Hydraulic Platforms
Aerial Platform
Articulated Platform
Scissor Lift
Mobile Toilet Van
Further Products