Hydraulic Access Platforms
Technical Specification of SKYLIFT (Hydraulic Access Platform).
Description HAP-09 HAP-10 HAP-11 HAP-13 HAP-15 HAP-20
Vehicle TATA ACE TATA 207 LCV Mounted MCV Mounted HCV Mounted HCV Mounted
Playload 1000 1500 3000 4500 4500 16000
Max Working Ht. 9.0 mtrs 10.0 mtrs 11.0 mtrs 13.0 mtrs 15.0 mtrs 20.0 mtrs
Max. Outreach 3.5 mtrs 4.0 mtrs 4.5 mtrs 5.2 mtrs 6.0 mtrs 8.5 mtrs
Safe Load 120 kgs 120 kgs 180 kgs 180 kgs 200 kgs 200 kgs
Slewing 270 deg 360 deg 360 deg 360 deg 360 deg 360 deg
Basket Size 0.660 x 0.760 x 0.860 m 1.00 m x 1.06 m x 0.770 m
Technical Description
The articulated booms are fabricated of light but stiff M.S. box selection. The Structure is fitted with wide pivot bushes and EN-9/S.S pins for booms as well as hydraulic cylinders. The whole assembly is mounted on heavy duty slewing bearing.
Hydraulic RAM
Hydraulic cylinders are of double acting having precision honed tubes and induction hardened, deep grounded, chrome plated EN-8 piston rods providing smooth operation, long steel life and resistance against corrosion.
Two/four powerful double acting hydraulically operated stabilizers are provided with wide footprint to protect the vehicle from top up down. Over travel is provided in the stabilizers to level the vehicle on uneven ground. The stabilizers are fitted with swivel pads and are flush with chassis when retracted.
360 slewing are provided by hydraulically through pinion-gear arrangement. The high torque heavy duty slewing bearing on which whole structure is mounted giving smooth slewing operation.
Parallel linkage is provided to ensure that the operatorís cage remains level in any boom position and there is no lost motion.
Operator Cage
A fiberglass cage is mounted on to a steel cradle with non-slip flooring and drain holes for water drainage. The cage is insulated to 600V(tested to 2200V.
Dual Controls at base as well as basket are provided to MANIAR hydraulic elevating platform. However, stabilizer controls are provided only at base for safety reasons.
Emergency Pump
Emergency hand pump is provided to enable stopping of the equipment in case of pump/engine failure.
Safety Accessories And Devices
Lock valves to boom cylinders to safe guard operator in case of any hose failure/leakage.
Lock valves to stabilizers to safeguard operator in case of any hose failure/leakage.
Stabilizer to boom interlocks i.e. booms cannot be operated unless stabilizers are employed.
Flasher on driverís cabin.
Spot light in the basket.
Emergency hand pump to enable stowing of equipment in case of hydraulic pump/engine failure.
Suction strainer to ensure supply of clean oil to pump.
Pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulic system from overload.
Warming lamp on stabilizer feet to warm on coming traffic.
Emergency stop switches at base and basket controls to isolate boom hydraulic function.
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