Gully Man
Gully Man is an advanced technology for emptying cesspit, cesspool and manhole chambers as well as for cleaning underground drainage, sewer lines etc.

Salient Features
It has a simple Suction Operation and is capable of creating very high degree of air pressure which breaks the silt sedimentation that gets accumulated at the bottom of the cesspool and manhole chambers.
Gully Man is also equipped with imported heavy duty Vacuum Pump, Auto Shut off valve, Siphon filter, Safety Pressure release valves and other important safety features.
Specific Jetting Operation: This multipurpose machine can be used for cleaning of toilet blocks, foot paths, cleaning/servicing of vehicles and also to extinguish small fires.
The water storage tank capacity ranges from 2000 Ltrs. to 8500 Ltrs., and it comes with state-of-the-art workmanship and the best imported High Pressure Water Triplex Plunger Pump of a suitable capacity.
Gully Man Tank Capacity 3500 Ltrs., 4000 Ltrs., 8000 Ltrs., as per the specific requirement.
Gully Man Machines are meant to clean without anyone having to enter the poisonous/gaseous sewer and manholes thus avoiding any risk of life.
Gully Man is a highly technical and advanced but user friendly equipment, which comes with all the essential accessories.
It is simple, easy and convenient to operate.
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