Company Profile
Company Profile
Maniar Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Incorporate as private company for manufacturing waste handling , utility vehicles and auto body building for government and private sectors since 1991.
Since the inception we have found the reputation and emerging as an leader in the field as we are committed to providing superior quality products with total conformance to international standards at internationally competitive cost to our customer in India and across the globe.
It was on this strong foundation and fair business practice that the company’s range was enlarge product by product , Superior products were introduced and new markets were explored. The company’s activities were more modest but nonetheless resolute and systematic. Though much work is to be done and a very long path is to be passed before really substantial achievements of the objective. Nevertheless, the work so far done does not in any way lack enthusiasm and the result so far obtained are very encouraging which shows the untiring efforts of the peoples at MANIAR ENGNEERS PVT. LTD.
We are very confident that you will find us a company with professionalism, experience and integrity. The endurance and standards of the MANIAR ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. Team will provide your business with the competitive edge and the confidence of a longtime partnership. Our commitment to all customers is undeniable. Rest assure by considering us that you have the most dedicated company working for you. It is our endeavors to have at your service.
Our mission is to manufacture the best quality products unify us by utilizing fundamental values, ethics as well as respect to gain a deeper insight in local and global business. Our committed efforts is to facilitate transactions expeditiously and successfully in order to maximize buyer’s specific business needs.
To be the pioneer and the top Indian brand with unmatched quality and technology leadership offering total environmental solution for specific customer needs under one roof. To be perceived as a unique, high-efficient, fast-response, innovative, customer oriented company which is known around the globe for its unmatched level of excellence.
Auto Lifter
Auto Remover
Barrow / Cart
Container Carrier
Container Lifting
Dumper Placer
D'Silt Cleaning Machine
Vacuum Operated Suction Machine
Ditch Cleaner
High Pressure Sewer Jetting Machine
Trailer Mounted Sewer Jetting Machine
Gully Emptier
Road Sweepers
Front End Loader
Backhoe Loader
Hydraulic Platforms
Aerial Platform
Articulated Platform
Scissor Lift
Mobile Toilet Van
Further Products